Region Countries Email Telephone
Global 24/7 Global Customer Support Centre [email protected] +63-2-672-7860
Americas USA (including Hawaii), Canada, the Caribbean [email protected] +1 (844) 327-2762
Asia China [email protected] +86-800-810-8918
Asia Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan [email protected] +852-2513-8888
Asia Macau [email protected] +853-6678-3178
Asia India [email protected] +91-22-7127-9141
Asia Malaysia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Guam and Saipan [email protected] +60-3-9212-6415
Asia Singapore, Indonesia, Bhutan, Nepal [email protected] +65-3163-4258
Asia Philippines [email protected] +63-2-672-7860
Asia Cambodia [email protected] +63-2-672-7860
Asia Thailand [email protected] +66-2670-4156
Asia Vietnam [email protected] +84-24-4458-2093
Asia Japan [email protected] +81 505-806-2198
Asia Laos [email protected] +63-2672-7860
Asia Myanmar [email protected] +63-2672-7860
EMEA Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, Middle East, Africa, Russia, Pakistan [email protected] +44 2035 1 46002
Oceania Australia, New Zealand, Fiji (exclude Guam & Saipan) [email protected] +61-2-8311-2062