Recover reputation gracefully

Never let dissatisfaction be a guest’s last impression.

Seamless service from start to finish

Track and monitor each stage of recovery for complaints, accidents, injuries and emergencies.

Never let any incident go unnoticed

Ensure that any glitches are handled properly with efficient tracking, escalation procedures and standard resolution protocols.

Keeping the books in order when disaster strikes

Offset any uncertainty by recording all material and operational compensation costs associated with a specific incident.

Information at the ready when you need it most

Maintain detailed records for all incidents with proper documentation and attachments.

Knowing your guests in and out

Live guest profile and preference updates with your property management system offer unique insight on guest preferences and minimise the potential for complaints.

Bring an end to less than perfect service

Guarantee that no guest returns home with less than full satisfaction.

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Ensure that guest complaints and incidents are handled properly without delay, via status tracking, escalation procedures and standard resolution protocols.


Rotana Hotels and Resorts

“We are constantly pushing for innovation and development within the IT sector and taking full advantage of on-going developments in web-based technologies. We strongly believe in meeting the guest’s ever-changing expectations and in finding the solutions to ease our operational needs. FCS’ solutions and their attention to our unique needs allowed us easily to deploy across different properties without any obstacles. We really enjoy working with FCS. When there’s any issue, they quickly react and provide solutions within a short period of time. Excellent company!”

Mr. Samir Abi Frem,
Corporate Vice President, Information Technology, Rotana Hotels and Resorts
Planning for the inevitable

Keep liability risks at bay with FCS Recovery.

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Reduce legal risk with the attachment of files (e.g. pictures, audio recording, videos) to properly document injuries for insurance filing or police reporting purposes.


Global Support

With 19 offices around the world, we provide 24/7 phone and email support in your language.

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Fully integrated with our complete suite of hospitality operations management products. Everything you need to deliver the best guest experience.

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We are the leaders in hospitality technology with more than 8,000 installations in over 5,000 hotels around the world.

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5 Best Practices for Hotel Customer Service Recovery

Sidestepping guest inconvenience

Protect your hotel’s brand and reputation with preventative measures.

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Ensure that higher-level management becomes aware of a situation before it affects guest satisfaction or results in bad publicity on social media, or even a lawsuit!

Trusted by the world's best hotels

We are the leaders in hospitality technology with more than 8,000 installations in over 5,000 hotels around the world.