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New FCS and Savioke partnership integrates advanced guest request and task tracking solution with autonomous delivery robot service.

Singapore – 21 November, 2017 – FCS Computer Systems, a leading global provider of comprehensive hospitality guest services applications and solution design services, has announced the integration of its FCS Connect solution with Savioke’s Relay, a cutting-edge, fully-autonomous indoor delivery robot. With the integrations taking place at the Hotel Jen Tanglin and Orchardgateway Singapore, guests at both properties can now experience a level of service that is as convenient and seamless as it is revolutionary.

“Hotel Jen is proud to be the first brand in the Shangri-La group to introduce this technology,” said Cetin Sekercioglu, Executive Vice President of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. “The new “colleagues” will be great team players in getting important things done well and delivered in Jen’s distinctive style. Known to curate playful experiences, Hotel Jen, through the Relay robots, yet again proves that it can surprise and delight urban adventure-seekers,”

Relay is the first fully-autonomous delivery robot that works alongside people in busy, dynamic environments such as logistics, hotels, office buildings, and high-rise apartments. Able to independently operate elevators and safely navigate in dynamic environments around people and objects, Relay delivers items quickly, safely, and reliably.

Bringing Guest Services Automation to New Heights

FCS Connect automatically creates and tracks the status of jobs from the very moment that a guest issues a request. Through the new integration, the software can now issue commands to Savioke’s Relay, which will travel to the front desk and, by using an onboard display, can inform staff what items have been requested for delivery. Once loaded with the appropriate amenity, Relay will then proceed to the guestroom to deliver the items. Once a guest removes their items, Relay will transmit a completed task update to FCS Connect, which then closes the job.

Unmatched Efficiency and Operations Transparency

Aside from the unique appeal that Savioke’s Relay possesses as an autonomous robot and its ability to make both properties stand out among competitors, the integration with FCS Connect additionally offers substantial cost savings, such as eliminating the need to implement another operational system in order to manage Relay’s task functions. The integration also sidesteps the need for additional personnel to monitor job activities, while ensuring that any task is handled swiftly and with precision per each guest request. With FCS Connect’s centralised reporting ability, assignments carried out by Relay can also be analysed in detailed reports, allowing hoteliers to monitor performance efficiency, monitor statistics on items requested and adjust inventory levels accordingly.

“Relay robot delights hotel guests and makes it easier for staff to do their jobs, vastly improving the guest experience” said Steve Cousins, CEO of Savioke. “We’re thrilled that guests at Hotel Jen Tanglin and Orchardgateway Singapore will get to interact with Relay, and the integration with FCS Connect will make it easy for Relay to complete his deliveries in a timely, organized manner.”

“As a solution designed to streamline guest requests and automate the staff task assignment process, FCS Connect is recognized as leading the industry in enhancing operations efficiency, yet we continue to look for ways to bring guest satisfaction to new levels of excellence,” said William Choo, Product Manager at FCS Computer Systems. “By integrating FCS Connect’s management functionality with Savioke’s Relay, hoteliers can implement a highly advanced service offering that requires minimal staff interaction from start to finish. This conserves property resources and reduces labour costs, while providing guests with an experience that is fast, innovative and truly memorable.”