FCS e-Housekeeping Solution Now Includes “Public Area” Cleaning Assignment and Inspection Feature

Building off of its reputation as hospitality’s leading automated cleaning and inspection assignment solution, FCS e-Housekeeping has been enhanced even further by now extending its unique task tracking abilities to fully function within a property’s public areas. As a feature long sought after particularly by large scale locations such as casino hotels or mega-resorts, FCS e-Housekeeping’s new feature means that hoteliers can now leverage the efficiency of being able to define public areas such as meeting rooms or swimming pools, and include them in an online “Area Matrix”. As with guestrooms, the matrix allows managers to view and track both assigned and unassigned areas. Assignments can consequently be dispatched to either, room attendants, supervisors or cleaning teams, who can then be mapped to the assigned public area. Both tasks and status of an assignment can easily be viewed via e-Housekeeping’s mobile app, m-Housekeeping.

As a solution committed to providing users with the latest in hospitality technology, e-Housekeeping’s new public area feature is a first for the industry, with no other competing solutions currently offering the same high level of functionality.

For more information, please visit www.fcscs.com/fcs-e-housekeeping-and-m-housekeeping/.

NEC EMEA to Offer FCS Solutions to European Hoteliers

FCS Executives were invited to join the NEC EMEA Partner Conference 2016 in Venice, Italy in May to share their vision and market insights on the hospitality industry and technology innovations. FCS’ billing interface and voicemail systems are integrated with NEC’s PABX, providing a complete gateway solution for guest data, call accounting, billing and a wide range of interface hub capabilities. Hoteliers can also group multiple properties with different PMS, PABX or other 3rd party systems under one roof without the hassle of complex interface requirements.

For more information of FCS gateway products, please visit http://www.fcscs.com/product/#FCSGateways.

FCS Showcases e-Housekeeping Solution to Shangri-La Hotels at Housekeeping Workshops

FCS has been invited to join a series of workshops hosted by Shangri-La Hotel Group’s Headquarters, with the objective of educating their housekeeping executives on the latest housekeeping solutions.

Three workshops were held recently; two in China and one in Malaysia. An additional workshop will be held in Dubai in September. FCS e-Housekeeping and m-Housekeeping solutions were showcased during the workshop. Those attending were given the opportunity to see how a web-based backend system designed with state of the art logic-based rules and conditions, can serve to greatly enhance housekeeping efficiency, and ultimately guest satisfaction. With e-Housekeeping, attendees could observe how common errors such as cleaning the wrong room or overlooking an assignment can easily be overcome when leveraging existing assignment management technology.

By also demonstrating m-Housekeeping, the workshops also provided an example of how mobile technology can be used to further streamline task assignment management. By allowing both supervisors and room attendants to view and update tasks using their personal mobile device, properties are able to ensure that all relevant employees can always have real time access to a list of what tasks need to be completed and when.

For more information, please visit www.fcscs.com/fcs-e-housekeeping-and-m-housekeeping/.

FCS Launches Training Program Series for Strategic Partners

In ensuring that each of FCS’ authorized business partners are fully up-to-date and equipped with the knowledge needed for success, FCS is proud to announce the launch of its reseller training program. Consisting of two segments, product sales training and product demo training, the program offers insight on the key features and functionalities of FCS solution, such as e-Connect, e-Housekeeping, e-Engineering and e-Laundry. Training sessions will also provide partners with the latest sales tools and strategies, based on membership level.

For a full schedule of upcoming FCS training sessions, please visit www.fcscs.com/partner-portal/.

Events & Activities

To strengthen FCS’ support of other technology forums for the hospitality industry, FCS participates in many events around the globe to showcase our various solutions. This allows our hotel customers in other parts of the world to get to know FCS and our solutions better.