The Sharing Economy: Creating New Businesses or Damaging Existing Ones?

Sharing economy like Uber and AirBnB has becoming a controversial topic in many industries. In some markets, Uber has radically changed the taxi business. Will AirBnB do the same to hotels? FCS Executive was invited to share the rise of the sharing economy and its potential impact on the hospitality industry at HTNG's 2015 Asia-Pacific Conference in Bali.

The rise of Internet has enabled the rise of sharing economy which changes many industries virtually overnight. Akina Ho, VP of Strategy & Global Business Development for FCS spoke at the conference to address the growing impact of the sharing economy on the hotel industry. In her speech on “The Sharing Economy: Creating New Business and Damaging Existing Ones”, she emphasized like AirBnB, it started out as couch-surfing has evolved into something bigger and much different. Should hoteliers join AirBnB or fight against it?

Many case studies were shared such as how Uber fight against the taxi industry and regulations; and how the governments react to this kind of newly emerged business model. Will AirBnB and the hotel industry follow the same path in the near future? Akina also shared the critical success factors and the limitations of sharing economy, which helps hoteliers to re-position their current hotel business and how to treat sharing economy as a potential challenge or a potential new business opportunity.

If you are interested to watch the full presentation, don’t miss the coming HTNG European Conference from 20-22 October in Nice, France as Akina is invited to be the guest speaker on the same topic.

FCS Senior Management Appointed as Secretary of HFTP Las Vegas Chapter

Gary Etherington, National Sales Director of North America for FCS was nominated as the Secretary of HFTP Chapter Leadership for Las Vegas, with the passion to enriching the hospitality industry in Las Vegas and the surrounding area.

With Gary’s dedication and involvement in Las Vegas and the hospitality industry for over 15 years, he was nominated by Scot Campbell, VP of Technology for Caesars/Harrah's properties and become the Secretary of HFTP Las Vegas Chapter. Other members of the Chapter Leadership include Allison Morris, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino; Lori Humphrey, PAR Springer-Miller Systems, Inc.; Russell Carlson, Dynamic Minds Consulting; Mehmet Erdem, University of Las Vegas and Paul Madoff, Diamond Resorts International.

HFTP is a global nonprofit hospitality association with about 5,000 members and several thousand stakeholders worldwide. They assist members in finding solutions to industry problems more via their expert networks, research, conferences such as HITEC, and certification programs. HFTP has more than 61 local chapters throughout the world. Each local chapter will organize meetings to connect with local network of HFTP members and share solutions with professionals in the community. For more information about HFTP, please visit

Insightful Internship Program with USC Marshall School of Business

Interns to share their learning experiences after the 5-week USC Marshall School of Business Global Leadership Program at FCS

Participated in the USC Marshall School of Business Global Leadership Program (GLP), three interns were successfully completed the placement program at FCS Hong Kong office from June 22th to July 24th. During the program, the interns worked closely with FCS’ Global Marketing team and FCS’ Global Sales Operation Team.

For the three deserving interns, time spent at FCS is more than just another line on their resume. Let’s check out what they have learned and how they felt after this program:

FCS sponsored HM Awards 2015 in Australia

HM Awards have, for the 13th time, recognized the accommodation industry’s finest staff, properties, brands and chains across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. FCS is honored to be one of the sponsors and presenting prize to the winner.

The winners of the 2015 HM Awards for Accommodation Excellence were announced in front of 600 attendees at Sydney Town Hall. A total of 67 awards were handed out on the night. During the ceremony, Trudi Chambers, Country Manger of Australia for FCS has presented the Tech-Hotel Award to Crown Towers Melbourne, VIC.    

This award night was also a meaningful fund raising night for the Garvan Institute of Medical Research through the Connie Johnson Fellowship in Breast Cancer Research. A significant amount of money was raised this year from the Australasian hotel industry.

For the full list of winners and more about the HM Awards, please visit:

FCS m-2Talk is Ready Now ! Empower Your Staff Communications with a Secured & Private Push-To-Talk Mobile App!

FCS m-2Talk is the next generation of internal hotel communications. It transforms the traditional Walkie-Talkie to a push-to-talk mobile app, providing “instant” and “secure” staff communication for the hospitality and gaming industries.

Many hotels have turned to mobile apps for job dispatching and back of house task management according to the industry trend. However hoteliers have continued to express a strong desire for the push-to-talk functionality that their outdated Walkie-Talkies provided. m-2Talk is the ideal solution that provides hotels with the instant Push-To-Talk communication of yesterday with today's technology! 

Using m-2Talk, management, runners, room attendants and supervisors can communicate instantly with each other by speaking directly through Walkie-Talkies style conversations on their smart phones while carrying out other daily duties. Besides the one-to-one conversation, its group chat feature supports one-to-many verbal communication between predetermined or ad-hoc user groups. m-2Talk goes beyond basic verbal communications and comes equipped with history tracking that records and stores all conversations for users to reference back to.

In addition, m-2Talk works on hotel’s private network which is a secured platform that only allows authorized personnel to communicate and hear the private conversation. Its web interface is via HTTPS with TLS secure connection, meanwhile private authentication is required for all communications and history access on server. All these security measures are to ensure the use of m-2Talk is worry free!

FCS m-2Talk is part of the m-Services platform that includes m-Connect, for managing guest requests and inter-department work orders, and m-Housekeeping, for room cleaning and room inspection management. It can be integrated with m-Connect and m-Housekeeping for consolidated communication and workflow management, or purchased as a standalone system for instant communication. Want to optimize your staff communications with this new app? Please visit or email to [email protected].


Many new talents have joined FCS. Check out who they are!

As FCS expands across the globe, unique talents are drawn to FCS and have joined us to help carry the company’s vision to the next level. FCS is proud to announce these talents who have joined our team in recent months.

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