Top performing University of Southern California students to take part in five-week program that fosters leadership abilities and provides knowledge of business on a global level

hong Kong – July 16, 2015 – FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading comprehensive hospitality solutions and services provider, has announced its support and participation with the USC Marshall School of Business Global Leadership Program (GLP), an educational initiative offered to the most academically talented incoming freshmen at the University of Southern California’s business school. As part of their educational experience, selected students will be rewarded with the unique opportunity to intern with FCS during a five-week period that will provide an immersive understanding of how sales and marketing activities function within a global hospitality setting.

From June 22nd to July 24th, 2015, FCS offers three internship placements that are to be predominantly conducted at its Hong Kong office location. The placements will imbed the interns among FCS’ Global Marketing Team and FCS’ Sales Operation Team to observe and gain experience alongside them.

IMG_0169-edit“As a global organization that can provide valuable knowledge in relation to the business, technology and hospitality fields, we are extremely pleased to partner alongside the USC Marshall School of Business in order to provide its students with a first-rate, career-building experience,” said Akina Ho, VP of Strategy & Global Business Development at FCS. “FCS recognizes the important responsibility in preparing the next generation of professionals and, to that end, looks forward to maintaining its partnership with the USC Marshall School of Business in the future.”

For the three deserving interns, time spent at FCS is more than just another line on their resume. Intern Guy Topf, says, "Working for FCS in Hong Kong has provided me with the opportunity to expand my horizons on how technology shapes guest experiences and hotel operations. This opens my eyes to new ideas and challenges me to apply what I am learning in school to actual business situations. This hands-on experience definitely prepares me for any future career path.” Matthew Safford adds, “Not only do we get to foster our independence and immerse ourselves in one of the world’s most vibrant, international cities, but we also get hands-on professional experience—working on meaningful projects and learning about integral aspects of sales and marketing for key international chain hotels that have presence in Asia - specifically in Hong Kong and Macau.”

In addition to the real life work experience, being abroad has helped the interns expand their way of thinking. “Learning about the hospitality industry from a sales and marketing point of view and gaining insight on Asian business culture has given me a more international mindset that will undoubtedly serve me greatly when I return to school in the United States,” states Ramiro Mosquera.

The Global Leadership Program is comprised of first year students who meet for a year-long program. Earlier in spring, the students travelled to Shanghai and Beijing for one week, offering the chance to learn first-hand from businesses and tour various industries. Now during the summer, they are provided with the opportunity to intern with a chosen company.