Cultivating Hoteliers with a Burning Desire for Technology.

As technology advances and unknowingly becomes a mandatory element in our daily routines — our children, around the world, are born into it. They have no concept of paper tax filings or pay checks as these things are now sent electronically. But to former generations, these automations are new to us because we grew up without them. To the younger generations, it's just a way of life. They have no concept of how we survived without mobile phones or even apps.

These younger generations are more willing and are faster to adopt new technologies. In many cases, we can even go as far to say that they crave the “next big thing,” looking brightly to a more advanced future.  Today, seeing a 3-year-old searching on YouTube for their favorite video or scrolling through iTunes for their favorite game seems normal. Five years ago we would have thought differently.

FCS understands the importance of educating the next generations on new technologies in the hospitality industry based on creating real and practical settings. Knowledge is something to be shared and by allowing today’s young and imaginative minds a better understanding of how technology is used in various hotels around that world, we can help to mold their thinking towards making practical and applicable technology a part of everyday life.

Over the last several years, FCS has been invited multiple times to share industry technology trends at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, providing students with insight on how modern technology is being adopted across the world.

Recently, to inspire the young generation to apply modern technology to practical use in hotel operations and guest services, FCS and Taylor’s University in Malaysia joined together to host a video competition. The competition asked current students to create a video about any one of the following solutions from FCS: i-Guest, e-Housekeeping with m-Housekeeping and e-Connect with m-Connect.

The videos submitted demonstrated the students’ firm grasp on technology and their ability to carry it into hotel operations once they have graduated. Awards were given as follows:

Champion & “Most Creative Video Award”
1st Runner-up & “Most ‘Public Liked’ Award”
2nd Runner-up

Simultaneously, Taylor’s University invited FCS to join their Room Adoption Program, consisting of an actual hotel room set up for students to gain the hands-on skills and experience of different hotel operational teams. It features FCS technologies including e-Connect and m-Connect for guest requests and inter-department work order management while e-Housekeeping and m-Housekeeping focuses on room cleaning/inspection assignments and other housekeeping duties. Outside of the University’s PMS vendor, FCS is the only other technology provider that has been honored with the request to join Taylor’s University Room Adoption Program.

Despite the tremendous advancements made in hospitality technology, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what is possible. By making it our social responsibility to raise up the next generation of hoteliers with a firm foundation of industry systems and software, FCS hopes that this will better equip the next generations with real live experiences on how hotels are using technology to better servicing their guest and run their operations. These basic skills will allow them to create new ideas that can apply to the real world.

FCS Contributes to “Cure 4 Kids Golf” Fundraiser to Support Those with Bleeding Disorders

FCS understands the importance of contributing to a worthy cause, and we are happy to be one of the Hole Sponsors for the third annual Golf 4 The Kids Tournament that raised $70,000 at Red Rock Country Club's private Mountain Course.

Over 144 golfers participated in the tournament, representing over 30 healthcare/ hospice organizations. After expenses, the money will be split evenly between the Cure 4 The Kids Foundation and the Nevada Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation, which both help those with bleeding disorders.

Cure 4 the Kids Foundation will use the money to support its two clinics where treatment is provided regardless of whether the patient has medical insurance or the ability to pay. Meanwhile, the Nevada Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation will use the money to send children with inherited bleeding disorders to a medically supervised summer camp at no cost to families. 

Gary Etherington, National Sales Director of North America for FCS delivered a speech during the event to express our care and support to those that are in need. For more information, or to see what you can do to help the children, please visit:

Insightful Internship Program with USC Marshall School of Business

Top performing University of Southern California students to take part in the program that fosters leadership abilities and provides knowledge of business on a global level

FCS recognizes the important responsibility we have in preparing the next generation of professionals; therefore, we are participating in the USC Marshall School of Business Global Leadership Program (GLP). This is an educational initiative offered to the most academically talented incoming freshmen at the University of Southern California’s business school. As part of their educational experience, selected students will be rewarded with the unique opportunity to intern with FCS during a five-week period that will provide an immersive understanding of how sales and marketing activities function within a global hospitality setting.

From June 22th to July 24th, 2015, FCS will offer three interns with placements that are to be predominantly conducted at its Hong Kong office location. One placement will imbed a chosen intern among FCS’ Global Marketing team, while the other two will have the opportunity to observe and gain experience alongside FCS’ Global SMA and Sales Operation Team.

Stay tune with us, the three interns will share their experiences and learning in the next FCS BuZZ Newsletter!

FCS Executive Participated in International Hotel Technology Forum (IHTF) 2015 Panel Discussion in Barcelona

Besides exhibiting in hospitality tradeshows, FCS Executives are now actively sharing our knowledge and expertise in renowned industrial platforms and forums

Hundreds of hoteliers working in technology, marketing and sales were gathered at the International Hotel Technology Forum (IHTF) 2015 in Barcelona, offering a holistic program of debate and insight. Over the course of two days, 50 presenters addressed the core challenges impacting hotel performance, customer satisfaction and business growth.

Akina Ho, VP of Strategy & Global Business Development for FCS was invited to sit in a panel discussion on the topic of “Cloud Based Technology to Improve the Guest Experience”. Other panelists included Bryan Hammer, Director of IT, EAME/Regional Director of IT, Africa and Indian Ocean, Starwood; Derrick Brian, VP of Product Strategy for Guest-tek and Richard Valtr, Founder at Mews Systems. The panelists shared their insights on how Cloud-based technologies offer  hotels flexibility over services, what the challenges and limitations are when moving to the cloud, and how new solutions and mobile apps can improve efficiency in hotel management.

FCS Senior Management Shared Views as a Guest Speaker at Hotel Show Saudi Arabia in Jeddah

In the Middle East region, hundreds of brands were descended on Jeddah for the third annual Hotel Show Saudi Arabia 2015. Eric Rogers, Regional Head of EMEA for FCS was invited to speak in the Show’s Vision Conference on how technology can now be used to ensure seamless hotel operations.

In his speech on “Using technology to iron out the wrinkles in hotel operations”, Eric emphasized the move towards Big Data is an important trend for global industries, but there is still a lot of room to optimise the use of data in the hospitality industry. Everyone can see the value data brings to hotel operations, but not all are able to reap the full benefits yet. This is why FCS Vega is developed as an innovative new guest behavior business intelligence system for the hospitality industry.

To check out more about FCS Vega, please visit

Walkie-Talkie Function is Available on FCS m-Connect and m-Housekeeping Mobile Apps

Many hotels are now using FCS m-Connect and m-Housekeeping mobile apps for staff to serve their guests. Besides the instant messaging function, these apps have been enhanced with “walkie-talkie” function to further improve working efficiency.

In the old days, a walkie-talkie was the only device available for hotel staff to make instant communication a possibility. With the introduction of smart phones, hotels are turning to mobile apps for job dispatch and managing back of house duties, as well as instant messaging. While these apps have tremendous benefits, many hoteliers still love the function of a walkie-talkie. In view of this demand, FCS has developed the walkie-talkie function and integrated it with the existing instant messaging function for m-Connect and m-Housekeeping. The difference between FCS walkie-talkie function with other free walkie-talkie apps, is its ability to secure the communication within the hotel staff only or by groups as pre-defined by management to ensure security measures are adhered to.

Now runners, room attendants and supervisors can communicate with each other by picking the most suitable communication method for different situations or working conditions. The ability to speak directly through walkie-talkie style conversations also helps with message clarity, providing audible intonation lost with text messages and the opportunity to easily ask for more details when needed.

Want to equip your existing m-Connect or m-Housekeeping apps with walkie-talkie function? Please email [email protected].

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As FCS expands across the globe, unique talents are drawn to FCS and have joined us to help carry the company’s vision to the next level. FCS is proud to announce these talents who have joined our team in recent months.

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