Leading provider of property management and guest services enhancement software to provide attendees with demonstrations of its innovative guest behavior analysis platform

Austin, TX – June 17, 2015 – FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading comprehensive hospitality solutions and services provider, is set to provide visitors to this year’s HITEC with demonstrations of their latest innovation, FCS Vega, a first-of-its-kind solution that provides hoteliers with the coveted ability to tap into, analyze and adapt to the specific behaviors of each guest. Taking place at the Austin Convention Center on June 15-18th, FCS will be showcasing its solutions at booth #357, with representatives available to provide details on its comprehensive line of services.

As hospitality’s first guest behavior business intelligence system, the long desired solution provides hoteliers with the ability to understand the specific behavior of each individual guest and how those behaviors affect business performance. The platform functions by incorporating guest-related data available through the FCS Rainbow Solution, an industry-leading platform that streamlines daily operations. By also integrating this critical data stream alongside information attained via a hotel’s third party systems, FCS Vega is equipped to analyze guest conduct in a variety of situations that span from online booking behavior, to their actual stay experience and feedback afterwards. FCS Vega is currently the only hospitality solution that offers hoteliers a detailed view of guest reactions to a hotel’s various services and amenities.

“Properties leveraging FCS Vega are significantly spared the frustrations of having to translate and compare data from multiple disparate systems in order to receive an accurate and comprehensive understanding of individual guest behavior,” said Akina Ho, VP of Strategy and Global Business Development at FCS. “With its ability to automatically merge all valuable data together in a manner that offers a clear and holistic picture, FCS provides hoteliers with the critical knowledge of how specific guest behavior can influence business; allowing them to devise a strategy that best addresses guest satisfaction and continued revenue growth. We are extremely pleased to present such a potentially industry-changing innovation during HITEC 2015, and look forward to demonstrating its many benefits with attendees.”

FCS Vega functions by dividing typical guest-related behavior into five categories, defined by the platform as “Spirits”. The five categories are search, book, stay, spend, and feedback. These Spirits break down many different aspects of guest behavior and all the steps that led to their booking decision, spending trends, and guest experience. The five “Spirits” also correspond with FCS Vega’s pillars of hotel business, a core philosophy that separates the five spirits into three distinct areas of hotel management: marketing, sales, and operation. The Marketing Pillar as a result of its relationship to the search, book and feedback spirits is consequently able to provide properties with the necessary research via FCS i-Guest, to implement an effective brand building campaign. The Sales Pillar through its use of data collected by the Spirits, book and spend via FCS Unicorn and other third party revenue systems, can provide comprehensive analytics on sales performance in several areas, including property-wide amenity sales and convention/event sales, to name a few. Lastly, the Operations pillar heavily relies on FCS e-Solution to provide an accurate representation of the guest experience during their stay at the hotel. By monitoring the quality of front and back office activities along with those of the call center, hoteliers are able to ensure that the services that directly influence the guests' satisfaction are always performed efficiently at a superb level.

FCS Vega has four types of standard pre-defined dashboards available based on a hotelier’s needs. Customizable dashboards are also available, allowing hotel management and executives to create their own dashboards instantly by dragging and dropping the various data measurement categories to create a full picture of analysis between data categories.

FCS Vega is also available in two distinct versions. The Standard version is designed for single hotel, available on-premise to maximize integration with other on-site systems or systems hosted in the cloud. Its ability to connect with the FCS Rainbow Solution and other third party systems, allows data consolidation, business analysis and 2-way data transfer for new business rules creation back to all systems tied to Standard Vega. The Enterprise version is for Corporate Office/ Group Level use, which is available in a SaaS model. Each property’s Standard Vega, regardless of its location, can automatically transfer its unique data to the Enterprise Vega for a consolidated view and assessment of guest behavior across a chain. Most amazingly, Enterprise Vega allows Corporate Office to create or adjust its existing business practices from the Headquarter back to each individual property.