Guest host Donald Trump Jr. interview with FCS’ Akina Ho on latest innovations in hospitality operations software and mobile technologies to be re-aired on the Fox Business Network, Bloomberg EMEA and Bloomberg Asia Pacific

Boca Raton — February 5, 2015 — FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading global provider of comprehensive hospitality solutions and services, recently shared details of its unique expertise in hospitality operations and mobile applications management during an interview with MMP (USA), Inc.’s the Corporate Review. As a segment that provides the industry with valuable insight into current trends along with advice on how individual properties can get the most out of the latest technologies, plans have been formalized to rebroadcast the episode on several networks across the globe, including:

  • Fox Business Network (as pd. Prog.): February 7, 0215- 4:30pm EST
  • Bloomberg EMEA (as pd. Prog.):  February 22, 2015- 7:30am GMT
  • Bloomberg Asia Pacific (as pd. Prog.): February 22, 2015- 3pm  HKT

Originally aired by Bloomberg Television on January 11, 2015, the segment demonstrates how many of today’s leading hospitality organizations are utilizing the company’s integrated solutions in order to effectively balance the challenge of offering multiple mobile applications to both staff and guests, ultimately ensuring complete guest satisfaction and convenience through the company's e-Solution platform - a suite of hotel operations applications.

“The average hotel has 50 to 80 separate apps on their property, ranging from dining to TVs to booking,” explains Akina Ho, during the recent interview. The VP of Strategy & Global Business Development for FCS Computer Systems went on to point out, “Guests do not want to use multiple apps for each hotel; they want one easy-to-use app for before, during and after their visit. Most importantly, once the guest sends their request or comments through the mobile app, there must be backend systems that facilitate these requests or comments seamlessly across different departments. FCS Rainbow Solutions provides the whole solution, from front-end to back-end.”

When implementing either property management or guest-facing services, hotels and resorts are often faced with having to purchase solutions from an array of vendors, eventually leading to problematic issues where separate platforms are unable to communicate or be consolidated with one another. As a result, both staff and management must access multiple systems in order to view the full picture of a property’s current state. Using FCS, hotels are alternatively able to consolidate such services in a manner that provides streamlined inter-communication between operational departments. With regard to multi-property hotel chains, FCS also facilitates the sharing of valuable information between locations, while allowing each individual property to retain the ability to manage their own operations.

“Our unique positioning allows us to offer hotel management a comprehensive solution that combines their needs with those of their guests,” stated Ho. “By providing a one-stop, global solution across multiple brands and apps, we offer a solid solution to a growing problem for our clients.”

During the interview with Corporate Review guest host presenter Donald Trump Jr., Ho demonstrates how FCS’ Rainbow solution is among the leading mobile accessible platforms designed to streamline and enhance the hotel operation and guest experience. Drawing together the numerous advantages of e-Connect, e-Housekeeping, e-Recovery, e-Engineering and e-Concierge, the multi-language, web-based applications that together comprise FCS Rainbow, serve to streamline a multitude of back-of-house and guest-facing hotel operations needs, from real-time maintenance requirements to housekeeping management to guest issue tracking and a comprehensive customer relationship management platform. The applications seamlessly interface with the hotel industry’s most popular property management systems, and can be implemented either à la carte or as the full comprehensive suite. The applications feature mobile apps, allowing hotel staff to stay connected from anywhere on property.

Commentating on the recent interview with FCS, JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Corporate Review stated “Our viewers are primarily interested in how companies are providing innovative solutions to everyday business challenges. Certainly, with the growing role of mobile apps in all industry niches, the approach of FCS will provoke a great deal of interest from our followers.”

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