New version of the popular i-Guest hotel service mobile app is now General Available (GA) with exciting new features

Atlanta, USA – May 5, 2014 - FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading comprehensive hospitality solutions and services provider, is pleased to announce the General Availability (GA) of i- Guest V3 to users on iOS and Android mobile devices, boosting functionality for both hoteliers and guests.

FCS i- Guest has fast become a favorite guest-service application since being released to the hospitality market in 2011. Continuing to stay on the leading edge of technology, FCS has made significant enhancements in subsequent releases of i- Guest, allowing hotels to maximize the guest experience at their properties—at anytime and from anywhere.

FCS proudly announces the new i- Guest V3 features:
  • Supports multiple brands - one single master app enforces brand loyalty and eases app management for the brand on the guests’ own devices
  • Supports multiple properties - all properties under each brand are listed for easy cross-property marketing and individual hotel inquires
  • Supports multiple time zones - supports worldwide coverage
  • Supports offline access – auto-cache of hotel data even without a network connection
  • Improved navigation - easier navigation between favorites, hotel services, and 3rd party technology within one app
  • Dedicated video for group - facilitates dedicated videos for conventions and meetings based on group codes or individual guests
  • Push notifications – capable of sending targeted messages to specific guests, actively at specific days and times
  • Micros POS 3700/9700 integration - automates in-room dining to the POS
  • Hotel reservations - facilitates hotel reservation inquires to the hotel reservation team for processing or automates the entire booking process if interfaced to the hotel booking system

"This is a stylish and innovative way for guests to request hotel services—anytime, anywhere," says Hotel ICON General Manager Richard Hatter. "The i- Guest application matches Hotel ICON's vision of providing our guests with traditional Asian hospitality, with all its courteous and attentive qualities, but in a refreshingly modern and international environment."

i- Guest V3 enhancements continue to benefit hoteliers with a direct bridge between all departments, helping to ensure that guest requests are delivered as accurately as possible and in a timely manner via the FCS e- Connect system or via email and printer if FCS e- Connect is not installed. For example, a hotel guest using i- Guest can report a burned-out light bulb directly from their i- Guest equipped mobile phone. The notification is then automatically escalated to engineering, housekeeping and/or the appropriate guest service team through the existing operation work flow process.

This simplification of communications between hotel guests and operations staff is a key differentiator between i- Guest and other guest-facing applications currently on the market. In addition, i- Guest V3’s ability to integrate with FCS e- Housekeeping, e- Recovery, e- Engineering, e- Concierge, Unicorn, Phoenix and WinVoice creates a comprehensive and seamless environment without any extra interface to 3rd party systems. This reduces IT complexity and greatly decreases integration and maintenance costs.

FCS i- Guest allows hotel guests have access to real time property and amenity information from the convenience of their own mobile devices. i- Guest allows users to initiate various service requests, such as wake-up calls or express check-out, for faster and more convenient service prior to or during their stay. Central to the i- Guest app is its multi-language capabilities that allow for up to six programmable languages, breaking down the language barrier for international travelers.

“In addition to guest satisfaction improvements and streamlined operations, i- Guest also becomes an efficient and convenient marketing platform for hotels by supplying guests with the latest hotel promotions through push notifications and pre-stay messaging,” reports Cris Davidson, Senior Director of Sales and Operations of North America for FCS. “Properties such as the Hotel ICON, Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport Hotel, Solaire Resort & Casino and Marco Polo Xiamen and others, have been very successful at implementing i- Guest into their daily routine and reported that the enhanced customer engagement experience is revolutionizing everyday interactions at the property.”

For more information on additional i- Guest functionality and benefits, please visit http://www.fcscs.com/fcs-i-guest.