Malaysia − March 3, 2014 − FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading comprehensive hospitality solutions and services provider, is pleased to announce news of the impressive accomplishments earned by two of its QA team members at the Next Generation Testing League held in Malaysia, a contest organized by UNICOM - The Global Training and Conference hub in Software Testing.


Lim Su Ee and Nurul Fatonah Mohd Yusof had entered the competition with the intention of measuring their software testing skills against some of the country’s leading executive experts. As FCS members, both have the knowledge in the implementation of new automation tools, security/penetration Testing, big data testing and cloud computing, areas of expertise that are put to the test during such a contest.

Thanks to their professional insight, the two secured a place in the February 4th finals, having sailed through the semi-final round. After a very close fight, Su Ee and Fatonah emerged as 2nd runner up, with the 1st place team being only a mere one correct answer away.

“It’s a great opportunity for me to participate in the Malaysia Testing League and we are blessed to get 2nd runner up in the finals,” said Su Ee, manager of software quality at FCS. “Teamwork makes the dream work, and if there is another chance next year, we will be back!”

The Next Generation Testing League is part of the Next Generation Conference, a gathering of the world’s leading software testing experts that is often held in various countries such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Australia, USA, Switzerland, South Africa, Hong Kong, the Philippines and India.

“The one day experience not only provided me with knowledge, but also helps me understand the many ways that I can improve the quality of my work,” says Fatonah, software quality engineer for FCS. “Attending such events can significantly improve an individual’s level of expertise.”

QA team members at FCS are responsible for ensuring that the company’s comprehensive suite of hospitality solutions software are tested and held to the highest industry standards. Working with some of the most qualified software testing experts, the FCS brand is known worldwide for its unmatchable quality and ability to streamline hotel and resort operations.