singapore_01Hong Kong — September 9, 2013 — On a recent visit to Sheraton Towers Singapore, one of Singapore’s most influential politicians and labor leaders was impressed with the extent to which FCS’ e- Housekeeping solution has helped to improve hotel worker efficiency without compromising safety. Out of all the prestigious hotels in Singapore, Sheraton Towers Singapore was selected by MP, Cabinet Minister and NTUC Secretary-General Lim Swee Say on August 21, 2013 to visit the hotel for its commitment to making the difficult but important task of housekeeping easier and more effective through the use of new technologies offered by FCS and other entities.

The hotel began using FCS e- Housekeeping in May. Since then, FCS e- Housekeeping has streamlined the guestroom cleaning process to such a degree that more than half of the hotel's room attendants have received raises and productivity bonuses.

singapore_02Lim’s tour of Sheraton Towers’ housekeeping operation was designed to show off the technologies being implemented by the hotel to help staff boost effectiveness and lessen the workload. Other technologies demonstrated on Lim’s visit included an automatic laundry iron and a bed-height adjustment device. Lim expressed great admiration of FCS e- Housekeeping and the other solutions showcased, and he encouraged other hotels to incorporate such technologies into their own operations.

FCS e- Housekeeping is a web-based application that streamlines the hotel cleaning and maintenance process. It automatically assigns rooms to be cleaned based on customizable worker rules and features a progress dashboard, property layout, employee roster and reporting tools. The solution generates comprehensive status reports and manages inventory sharing and tracking.

FCS m-Housekeeping is an accompanying mobile application for FCS e- Housekeeping, running on both iOS and Android platforms. Room attendants can view and accept room cleaning assignments. Meanwhile, supervisors can manage their inspection assignments with digitized inspection checklists. They can also update and post room statuses to the PMS, see the guest information such as guest photos and preferences, review housekeeping guidelines, report lost & found items, manage linen needs, control amenities and track loan-item inventories. Together with the entire range of solutions from FCS, this will allow the hotel to save money—and lots of trees—going forward, as many work assignments and reports are digitized.


"It was an easy choice for Sheraton Towers Singapore, once they had seen our e- Housekeeping system. Their operations are much more streamlined, productivity has increased and rooms are turned around quicker to ensure that guests can be checked-in on a more timely basis. Even I was impressed with the system after seeing it deployed and operated for so many months, based on the results and my customer's satisfaction," says Vincent Lee, FCS’ Country Sales Manager for Singapore.

FCS e- Housekeeping solution is a product of FCS, a leading global provider of comprehensive hospitality guest services applications and solution design services. For more information, please visit www.fcscs.com or contact your local FCS office at [email protected] for a presentation and demonstration on how FCS can assist with your productivity and guest service enhancement endeavors.

Your guests demand cleanliness. Be sure to always deliver with FCS Housekeeping.

Hotel housekeeping responsibilities can quickly add up, often evolving into a situation that is increasingly difficult to navigate for both attendants and their managers. With FCS Housekeeping, hoteliers can rest assured in their ability to always deliver only the best in service and guest satisfaction. An industry leading platform renowned for streamlining the housekeeping management process, FCS Housekeeping works to ensure that tasks are always delivered to the right team member at the right time.

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