Housekeeping Productivity Redefined

Streamline housekeeping operations with automated room assignment, inspection & management functionality.

Superior Results From The Get-Go

Increase cleaning efficiency by at least 15-20% by leveraging intelligent housekeeping management.

Saving Time and Money

Less man-hours needed to complete tasks means greater savings on operational expenses.

Guest Satisfaction Guaranteed

With less time spent on back-of-house-duties comes more opportunities for housekeeping teams to focus on improving guest interaction and service.

Go Green

Eliminate manual paperwork while saving paper, trees and your wallet.

Don't Miss A Thing

Bring your housekeeping management capabilities into the 21st century.

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With room, inspection and productivity matrices you can track all task progress and rest assured that no assignment falls off the radar.


Rotana Hotels and Resorts

“With FCS Connect, guest requests are now quickly communicated to the housekeeping staff and the information gets to the right person. We are also able to analyse the guests' requests over a week/month/quarter to find out the most frequent requests and the response time. FCS Connect is an easy system to adapt to, and was well planned and executed by the team. It simplifies the workflow for all members of the housekeeping team.”

Mr. Ashoka Gunarathna,
Director of Housekeeping, Rotana Hotels and Resorts

30% Service Speed

50% Guest Complaints

Housekeeping on the Go

Guarantee faster response times using cutting edge mobile technology.

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With FCS Housekeeping mobile app, our companion iOS and Android compatible app, your staff can access the full capabilities of FCS Housekeeping wherever they may be. Housekeeping teams can update the status of cleaning and inspection assignments instantly, as well as carry out other daily duties with just a touch of their fingertip.


5 Best Practices for Housekeeping Operations

Getting Tasks into the Right Hands

Ensure your best team member is always on the job.

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Intuitive forecast and room attendant assignment features guarantee that tasks are always handled by the most qualified team member.


Global Support

With 19 offices around the world, we provide 24/7 phone and email support in your language.

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Fully integrated with our complete suite of hospitality operations management products. Everything you need to deliver the best guest experience.

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We are the leaders in hospitality technology with more than 8,000 installations in over 5,000 hotels around the world.

About Us
A Universal Solution for a Diverse Industry

Speak the language of your workforce with multilingual capability.

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Today’s housekeeping teams are often comprised of individuals from various national backgrounds. With FCS Housekeeping’s auto translate ability, you can be sure nothing is lost in translation when either management or attendants submit assignment updates.

Trusted by the world's best hotels

We are the leaders in hospitality technology with more than 8,000 installations in over 5,000 hotels around the world.