Processes merge on centralized hub

Simplifying complex interface requirements and integrations to unify major property management systems and PABX systems.

Saving your money

Minimize the overall costs to integrate your system and connect different products and solutions seamlessly.

Composite billing capabilities

Gain insight into individual guest preferences to support billing on bundled services.

Anytime, anywhere access

Remote access allows you to handle reporting and maintenance no matter where you are.

Delivering the best guest experience

Fully integrating with our complete suite of products gets you everything you need to improve service and experiences for guests.

Complex systems integrate easily

No more hassle from difficult interfacing requirements.

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Save cost by grouping PMS interfaces for PABX and other third party systems under one roof.


Holiday Inn

“FCS is an ideal partner for us as they pay high attention to our operational needs to meet the guest’s ever-changing expectations. We look forward to further increasing our bottom line profits and reducing operation costs by taking advantage of the FCS solutions. In addition, the integrated solutions of FCS Voice, FCS Connect and FCS Gateway gives us a hassle-free service request system for all valued guests. FCS solutions offer optimal guest service delivery while increasing productivity and operational efficiency.”

Mr. Juanto,
Director of Finance and Business Support, Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore
A solution that understands you

Multi-language capabilities cater to the diverse people supporting this industry.

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Hotel brands and properties around the world have people of all cultures and backgrounds working in them. Not only does FCS Gateway simplify integration, but also communication.

Data how you want it

Automatic and manual reporting offers the freedom to choose how charges are posted to your PMS.

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With the ability to pre-set automatic posts as well as manually add charges, nothing gets missed, allowing for more composite billing data and reports.


Global Support

With 19 offices around the world, we provide 24/7 phone and email support in your language.

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Fully integrated with our complete suite of hospitality operations management products. Everything you need to deliver the best guest experience.

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We are the leaders in hospitality technology with more than 8,000 installations in over 5,000 hotels around the world.

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Go Digital

Online capabilities create seamless process for changes and set-up.

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Web client allows for configuration, reporting and maintenance. Get changes and updates done quickly and efficiently through online and remote system support and maintenance.

Get it in real time

Multimedia alerts let you monitor everything as it happens.

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Get the statistics and status monitoring you need in the moment it occurs, so you can have all the up-to-date information about charges and billing at any location.

Trusted by the world's best hotels

We are the leaders in hospitality technology with more than 8,000 installations in over 5,000 hotels around the world.