Optimise Your Property

Automate all of your front desk and back of house operations to increase efficiency, boosting occupancy and revenues.

Super Easy

Manage any and all complex operations with simple and functional interfaces.

Smart and Mobile

Quick access is at your fingertips 24-hours a day from a range of devices, including tablets and other supported smart devices.

Small Hotels First

Designed from the ground up for small hotels and their unique requirements. Even airbnb hosts.

Manage it all

Full property, profile, pricing and finance management are yours to master.

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Maintain all hotel information and view full details on overall house status each week. Easy tools also give you the power to create a seamless flow for reservation confirmations and real-time monitoring to optimize efficient room assignment. Maintain guests, company and travel agent history and information to help with future processes and decisions, set rates and discounts, and track data for revenue.

Reports with real insight

Analyse your property’s performance on a deeper level.

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CosmoPMS’s comprehensive reports bring you all the key insights you need to track performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can even track up to 24 rolling months to see year over year and year-to-date insights and data to aid in planning for future months.

Service Support on Your Terms

Enhanced service, faster results with intuitive self-help oriented platform

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Master CosmoPMS with self-service features such as 24/7 online training and troubleshooting support. No matter where you are in the world, time is no constraint for easily getting the information you need to ace your Cosmo PMS system.

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You're in control

You decide what the system does for you.

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Setup and assign your own functional scope for each level and segment you need to allow better control of the data for the system’s users. Easily manage users and control each working tier to fit any property’s needs.


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