Few things affect a hotel’s business more than a guest’s lasting perception of a previous stay, a factor that can weigh significantly on property reputation and the ability to attract additional guests. Yet while hoteliers certainly share the goal of making sure each guest is satisfied with every aspect of their hotel stay experience, the realities of managing a complex and multi-faceted operation can make accomplishing this aim seem out of reach. New guest complaint management and incident tracking technology is however, finally providing properties with the tools needed to ensure that any and all guest complaints or incidents are promptly resolved, allowing guests to resume enjoying their stay while keeping a hotel’s positive image intact. Although for any platform to be truly effective in recuperating and maintaining high satisfaction levels, features that are crucial for any guest satisfaction recovery solution include:

Dealing with guest complaints the very moment they arise.

Any worthy guest recovery solution should be able to provide users with the ability to observe complaints as soon as they are reported, along with a feature capable of tracking job status in real time to ensure that issues are handled swiftly. Staff should also be able to access such details via user friendly dashboards that provide all the necessary information needed to address a specific complaint. With hotels often covering large areas and with multiple guest complaints able to surface at any time, it is also important that a recovery solution offer the ability for employees to gain access to dashboard data via mobile device. This allows them to keep up-to-date on the latest issues no matter where they are, and take appropriate action quickly.

Ensure complaints reach the right person.

Precious time can be lost that adds to a guest’s dissatisfaction if a reported complaint has to travel through multiple departments in order to reach the right person. By implementing software that can automatically determine which employee has the most suited skill set to address a specific complaint, hoteliers can drastically reduce response times while minimising the need to interrupt other employees performing other duties. If a task takes too long to complete within a pre-set timeframe, a solution should also be able to automatically escalate tasks to higher management levels so as to make sure that no complaint is left unresolved.

Building a full picture on guest preferences.

Able to minimise or possibly prevent a guest complaint altogether, is the ability to quickly reference the specific preferences of each guest in order to identify the kind of services that provide satisfaction. A reputable service recovery solution should therefore be able to provide hoteliers with the option of creating guest profiles, with details able to be included that give insight on a particular guest’s stay history or previously made requests to name some examples. Armed with such information, hotel staff gain a crucial head start on how to swiftly correct an unsatisfied guest’s experience.

Keeping tabs on recovery service costs.

When efforts are made to address a guest complaint, a hotel’s actions can often result in additional costs. This can arise due to the need to provide guests with compensation or some form of complementary service. With such expenses able to mount up over time, an effective service recovery platform should provide the ability to track costs and provide statistics covering how much has been spent by a department, service or compensation type. This not only allows hoteliers to see precisely where expenses are coming from, but also offers them the opportunity to determine if there are any ways to reduce costs.

In-depth analysis on service recovery efficiency.

Hoteliers are no doubt interested in eliminating the root causes of guest complaints and negative experiences, and should demand that any service recovery solution provide the ability to achieve this goal. An advanced platform will provide users with comprehensive reporting functionalities that can be customized to meet specific analytical needs. By being able to reference statistics such as the amount of times a certain incident has arisen, the time taken to correct an issue or the specific employees tasked with addressing a complaint, hoteliers can determine if there are any areas within their operations that require restructuring. Such a feature allows properties to dramatically reduce the number of unsatisfactory experiences while safeguarding revenue from any associated costs.

Guarantee the highest level of satisfaction for each guest with FCS Recovery.

FCS Recovery is an advanced glitch management system that tracks and records the status of guest complaints, accidents, injuries and emergency incidents for overnight guests, non-guest visitors and even hotel employees if desired. Fitted with compensation cost management, expenses resulting from an incident can be tracked and reported to provide management with a comprehensive view of total recovery costs. Data obtained from a property’s PMS allows for real time updates of guest information and preferences, while incidents and updates are posted back to the PMS. With an overview of individual incident status and overall statistics easily available, proper action can be quickly taken to minimise and control compensation and operation costs associated with any incident. FCS Recovery is an invaluable risk management solution that can reduce both response time and hotel liability.

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