Hotel maintenance and repair teams are arguably among the most critical employees necessary for a property to remain in business. Without them, amenities and services would inevitably cease to function, and guest dissatisfaction would certainly lead to a significant drop in future bookings. Yet as a department tasked with replacing or updating equipment, hotel maintenance can produce considerable costs for property leadership. In addition, while often overburdened with a long list of daily tasks and responsibilities, maintenance employees are increasingly under pressure to complete assignments quickly in order to ensure guest satisfaction is not affected. For much of the industry’s history, such issues have been viewed as simply going hand-in-hand with the necessities of running maintenance operations. With the rise of cloud-based technologies, however, growing numbers of hoteliers are turning to solutions that provide maintenance staff with the ability to save on time and labour resources, while simultaneously ensuring a high standard in service and keeping expenses to a minimum. For those considering the implementation of such platforms, key features that must be present in any solution in order to ensure a fully efficient and effective maintenance department include:

Making sure tasks get to the right person.

Critical to any successful job dispatch system is the ability to automatically direct and assign a task to the appropriate personnel. If leveraging a skill-based matrix, an advanced dispatch platform can submit an assignment to the most qualified employee or team to make sure that professional servicing is rendered quickly and without needlessly interrupting the work of others not ideally suited to the task at hand.

Getting the message to staff regardless of location.

Also a priority for any effective engineering job dispatch solution is the ability to alert staff members of any task the very moment it is created. With many solutions able to dispatch assignments to maintenance teams via email, those that take speed and efficiency to the next level are able to transmit task details to staff-held mobile devices via a downloadable app. This ability virtually guarantees that staff members are always informed on what the latest tasks are no matter where they may be.

Efficient job tracking and completion from start to finish.

With maintenance departments typically inundated with countless job requests and responsibilities, it is vital for a platform to be in place that can notify each employee of the current status of each assignment in real time. This feature not only safeguards against tasks from falling through the cracks, but also ensures that team members do not lose any time by having to determine which jobs still require attention.

Reduce expenses with true preventative maintenance.

A crucial cost saving strategy for any hotel when it comes to maintenance operations is the ability to prevent the need for repairs in the first place. By employing a solution able to automatically schedule service check-ups for amenities and locations around a property, hoteliers can significantly increase the lifespan of their equipment and ensure that all services continue to run at optimal performance without the need for costly replacements.

Enhance performance with detailed department analytics.

A maintenance task dispatch system that aims to offer above and beyond effectiveness should also be able to provide hoteliers with the ability to measure performance in a range of areas. With reporting abilities that can analyse issues such as individual employee performance, the frequency of times an item has been serviced or specific costs involved in running the department, hoteliers can make informed decisions that lead to a more seamless and affordable operation.

Bring your maintenance and repair operations to the next level with FCS Engineering.

FCS Engineering is a multi-language, web-based application developed to complement the management and maintenance of all assets within a hotel. General engineering service operations can be handled with ease – whether by creating ad-hoc work orders, modifying previously scheduled engineering and maintenance services for guest rooms and public areas, or scheduling work requests over various timescales. Each work order is created and assigned based on staff skill sets and availability. Preventive maintenance can be managed simply by scheduling maintenance works according to location and priority set by the hotel. Engineers can also make use of a mobile app to manage work orders when they are on the go.

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